Cal Smith Copywriting Services

I understand how difficult it can be when starting a new business. Everything can seem so expensive and just out of reach. 

With this in mind, all of the prices below are fixed, however my services are not. If there is some copy that you require for your business which is not listed in my services, please get in touch and I will endeavour to meet your needs.

You have your skillset and I have mine. Let me use mine to help you excel at yours. 

The Offer

I will create copy for emails, Facebook content, advertisements, and landing pages. Supporting your mission to grow your business and acquire more clients over a 90-day period.  If required, I can also write content for newsletters, brochures and sales letters. 

By utilising my services, you will no longer need to worry about the effectiveness of your copy, but rather will be able to spend more time doing what you are good at…working on your business.

The Package - £500 per month

  • 5x copy for emails written for you, per week (one per working day).
  • 5x content for your Facebook page/group written for you, per week (one per working day).
  • 1x social media ad written for you, per week (Facebook).
  • New copy written for your landing page (if required).
  • 1:1 weekly call to discuss upcoming content for the week.

For an additional £150 per month (optional)

  • 1x newsletter per month
  • 1x sales letter per month
  • 1x product/service brochure

The Structure

Onboarding Call

We will begin with an onboarding call where we will discuss your business in depth.


After the onboarding call, I will use the information collected to conduct some in depth research into your target audience. 

90-Day Plan Call

When the research is complete, we will create a 90 day plan of content together (this can be refined and amended as time progresses).


Copy for emails, landing pages and social media will be written on Google docs and shared with you to apply to your email list and social media platforms. 

Brochures and newsletters will be written in a word document or created with Canva (depending on requirements) and shared via email. 

You will receive this content at agreed dates and times each week/month, with time allowed for amendments that may be required.

Weekly 1:1 Content Meeting

The weekly 1:1 meeting will last for no more than 60 minutes (unless otherwise stated). During this call we will discuss:

  • the upcoming content based on the 90-day plan.
  • any company and client wins. 
  • any testimonials which can be utilised.
  • any changes that may need to be made to the plan based on changes in the market. 

The Outcome

Streamlined marketing strategy through:

  • Social media plan and calendar for 90 days.
  • Email plan and calendar for 90 days.
  • All copy written for the agreed formats for 90 days.

Creating more time for you to focus on your business, converting the additional customers/clients attracted and acquired through the copywriting, therefore increasing income, revenue and sales in your business. 

Short Copy

Short copy includes:


social media content



These are catchy, concise and clever. Sure to engage your audience to follow the call to action as defined by your organisation. 


Medium Copy

Medium copy includes:

landing pages



sales letters

These are informative and build upon your company's strengths, recent achievements and successes. 

Long Copy

Long copy includes:



Informative, educational, interesting and powerful. A great way to engage with your target audience and create topical discussion or debate.