Example of Social Media Campaign



  • 5x Facebook posts
  • 5x Instagram posts
  • 5x LinkedIn posts

Objective: To promote an 8-week group coaching course starting 2 weeks from the time of the email.

Example of an email 

Project: Write an email to go to individuals who have experienced coaching with my client. Each has had an individual experience with the client so the emails need to be personalised. 

Objective: To promote an 8-week group coaching course starting 2 weeks from the time of the email.

The Following are all samples from my course work at 

The College of Media and Publishing. 


Every sample received a Grade A.

Sample of a Flyer

This flyer was created as a sample flyer to support new business owners who are feeling overwhelmed with the prospect of advertising their company. 

Project: Write a flyer to promote Cal Smith Copywriter

Objective: To drive business owners to the website 

Sample of a Flyer

Many veterans who return from places of war or civil unrest struggle to find their place within society when they return.

This flyer was intended to let them know that there is support for them and how to access the support. 

As a secondary objective the flyer would speak to people who want to support the veterans and volunteer to work for the charity organisation.

Project: Create a flyer for a specific demographic.

Objective: To let struggling veterans know they are not alone and there is support for them.

Sample Press Ad

I selected Man Health to be the charity of focus. Many men struggle with their mental health and are too embarrassed to speak out or seek support. 

I found the number of suicides in men shocking. 

The event I selected was merely a coffee morning where someone could go and reach out for that initial contact and support, knowing that they are not alone. 

Project: Create a press ad for a charity in the Uk

Objective: Imagine an event is about to take place and that you have been charged with putting across one of their key points. Think about the headline, subhead, body copy and contact details. Write no more than 200 words. 

Sample of an Advertising Feature

Project: To write an advertising feature for the Northern Echo Newspaper Write the feature (up to 300 words), using the publication’s writing style  
Objective: Advertise the product - Play on the Pitch - for Soccarena in County Durham

Sample Product Advert

Project: Think of a product you would like to write an advert for. write your advert, about 100 words long. There is no need to include images.

Objective: To persuade the general public to choose Heinz Salad Cream for their salad dressing.

Looking for a sauce you can savour?

8 Tantalizing Things to try with Heinz Salad Cream:

  • Spruce up your salad. 
  • Shake up that Sandwich.
  • Perfect those Potatoes.
  • Transform that tortilla.
  • Enhance your egg.
  • Dunk those crudites. 
  • Elevate any dish.
  • Amaze your Friends and Family.

Move over Mayonnaise, there’s a new sauce in town. 

Heinz Salad Cream, far more than just a dip, it’s a taste experience. 

“I never host a party without at least one bottle of Heinz Salad Cream in the house. It uplifts any dish.” Chloe Harrison, 43, New Hampshire

Buy yours today from any participating supermarket. 

I chose Heinz Salad Cream for my product simply because it was sitting in front of me on my kitchen table. 

Sample of Direct Mail

Project: Write a direct mail (not email) letter advertising a product or service of your choice, using the techniques above. Make it a maximum of 750 words long keeping it relevant and making every word count. Also include the words you would use on the envelope.

Objective: Brand Awareness, capturing the attention of, and giving important information to a prospective company who could convert into a client.