Am I Late for the Party Again?

Is Artificial Intelligence Making Copywriters Obsolete?

I finally discover what I want to do with my life. I quit my job, spend time and money retraining and then artificial intelligence takes over the world and copywriters are no longer needed. Brilliant!

It’s the franchise experience all over again. By the time we had decided to come home and start our own business supporting schools with physical activity and reducing childhood obesity, there had been companies doing the same thing for more than 20 years. Meaning that we had a lot of strong competition who had been creating relationships with our schools for a very long time. This in itself wasn’t a problem. Our offer was strong, our training was of the highest standard, our delivery was extremely high quality, and our prices were below the market average. 

However, when covid hit, we had only been operational for 6 months, so the schools turned to our competitors for help and pushed us away. Even though we were the better option in terms of skillset, offer, training and price. We were just too late to the party. 

Relationships are key!

It feels like it’s happening again now with AI taking over before I have had a chance to begin. Can this be true?

Actually, no it’s not. 

It is an undisputed fact that artificial intelligence is brilliant. It’s quick and it can create documents, presentations and basically anything you can think of in minutes. ChatGPT in particular will be a game changer in many fields of business.

However, copywriters think strategically, analytically, creatively and emotionally. This is something that AI does not do. 

Copywriters are trained to write in different tones of voice to match the company and/or the audience. We write with passion and conviction in a way that AI cannot. We are able to analyse what is working and what isn’t within a piece of copy and change direction at the drop of a hat. As I said, relationships are key! 

AI cannot meet with clients; understand the relationship the client wants to create with their audience and then make it happen. 

AI programmes are made and developed by tons and tons of human pieces of content and interactions. This is how AI is learning and will continue to do so. But it will need tons more quality examples written by humans for it to learn and develop further. 

Copywriters can use artificial intelligence to support their writing. We can ask it for ideas, support with key word searches for SEO strategies or headline comparisons. AI will be a useful tool, but nothing can replace the brilliance or the thought process of a human mind.

For now, copywriters, we’re safe and in demand.

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